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Attention Musicians: Master Music Marketing: Your Key to Building a Devoted Fanbase

Turn Your Passion into Profit: How To Make Money With Your Music!

Unlock the Music Industry’s Most Guarded Strategies – Before Your Rivals Do...

Are you ready to live your dream without the constant worry of your next paycheck?

  • Imagine a life where your music pays the bills and builds a legacy...

  • Get more people listen to your music and showing up to your gigs time and time again. 

  • Outperform your peers with a fanbase that grabs attention and starts conversations...

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    Savvy Star

    "If I could just get more people listening to my music, everything else would be much easier..."

    Hi, I'm Malene Brune

    I'm a musician, marketer, and mix-engineer. And I use my music and marketing skills to help other musicians make money from their passion.

    I've always been singing and playing lots of instrumens. Then, at 23, I decided it was time to get serious - knew I had to turn my passion for music into a career. That's when I decided to study music production and sound engineering. Realizing the necessity of marketing in music, I learned from giants like Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, Jeff Walker, and Dan Kennedy.

    I started SavvyStar.ai because I've seen so many talented musicians struggle to make a living from their music. With my background in marketing, I know some powerful secrets to building a sustainable music career, and I love sharing these tips on my blog.

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