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About Malene Brune, musician, marketer and mix-engineer


I'm Malene Brune

  • I'm a musician, marketer and mix-engineer (the triple M!).

  • I started SavvyStar.ai because I've seen so many talented musicians struggle to make a living from their music. With my background in marketing, I know some powerful secrets to building a sustainable music career, and I love sharing these tips on my blog.

    Here's from my marketing-work: Funnel-makeover with Mike Filsame and Donna Fox from Groove.cm:

    Savvy Star
    Malene Brune

    More about Malene

    Music has always been a part of my life. I picked up the clarinet at age 8 and was playing the piano by 11. At the same time, I began exploring digital music creation with MIDI, diving into the layers of sounds and rhythms.

    At 15, I took on leading a choir, which was pretty cool. Then, at 23, I decided it was time to get serious - knew I had to turn my passion for music into a career. That's when I decided to study music production and sound engineering.

    And I entered into the world of Johnny Sareussen: Johnny is a renowned music producer from Norway, celebrated for producing some of the biggest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. As my main teacher in music production, Jonny shared his deep understanding of sound engineering and music styles.

    After securing a job at a radio station, I quickly realized that to truly excel in music, I needed to master another skill: marketing. I immersed myself in the teachings of marketing giants like Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, Jeff Walker, and Dan Kennedy, the "inventor" of modern direct marketing. This new world fascinated me as much as music, blending my skills in unique ways.

    Today, I combine my expertise in music production with my deep knowledge of marketing to help musicians monetize their craft. My journey through music and marketing is a testament to following one's passion and adapting to new challenges, ensuring every artist can find their own path to success.

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    "If I could just get more people listening to my music, everything else would be much easier..."

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